2019 Minneapolis downtown Skywarn frequencies

146.700 Metro PL/CTCSS 127.3/127.3
145.430 Hennepin County RACES PL/CTCSS 127.3/127.3
147.000 West Metro PL/CTCSS 000.0/114.8
147.210 South Metro PL/CTCSS 100.0/100.0
146.760 Metro alternate PL/CTCSS 114.8/114.8

If you have a mobile or an HT at a higher elevation, you’ll be able to hit the West and South Metro repeaters. It’s also a good idea to include 146.520.

NOAA Weather Radio (enter into your WX channel and enable WX alert function):

162.550 NOAA Weather Metro
162.500 NOAA Weather NW Metro
162.475 NOAA Weather SW Metro