Morse Code

So now I want to really dive in to code work. I have two keys - a British "KEY WT 8 AMP NO 2 MK II" and a Speed-X 310-003 (Gold plated nickel with a shorting switch). I am more comfortable with the British key. Perhaps it is the Navy type knob. Or it's an official military key. Whatever it is, it's the best of the two keys, IMHO.

I suppose I should be fair to Nye-Viking and replace the current flat knob with a Navy knob, then we'll see. I was thinking of getting another Nye-Viking with the Navy knob and without a shorting switch, two bases, and a cord. Or two. Or three.

From what I've read, my speed will suffer and fatigue level will increase with a straight key. I would have to go to a semiautomatic bug or at least a single lever paddle. I don't have the proficiency for a Vibroplex Original Standard (20+ wpm) so I should look at the Vibroplex Vibrokeyer Standard.

I could, of course, adapt the Vibroplex OS for a slower speed - 10 wpm - as one Ham did

This is a preliminary post. I'll spiff it up later.