Apartment antennas

If you live in a well constructed apartment building, you'd better be prepared to do battle with concrete, plaster, lathe, metal screen, vertically polarized noise and other electrical interference. In other words, get used to operating by digital modes.

I've tried (not in order) a 30 foot dipole with using the Alpha Delta antenna kit, a Hustler dipole using two MO-3s and resonators, a vertical using an MO-3 and resonator. None of those worked. The only antenna that will allow HF operation to any degree is the Chameleon F-Loop. The Chameleon P-Loop should also work, though I haven't ordered one yet, and the demand is so high the wait is two weeks.

To be fair, I didn't have a good earth ground. That's why I purchased the MFJ-931 artificial ground. I'll experiment with a random wire, both the Alpha Delta and Hustler dipoles, and the Hustler vertical with a resonator and let you know of the results.

As an aside, the 30 foot standard dipole makes a great antenna for the AM broadcast band. :-)