WIRES-X instructions

Operating a node is easy:

1. Tune the radio to 144.970 Mhz.
2. Look up an active Node ID or a Room ID
3. Transmit DTMF #nnnnn where # is the pound sign and nnnnn is the 5 digit node or room ID (unsuccessful connections will be noted by 4 beeps).
4. If the connection is successful, you will hear my call sign in morse.
5. To disconnect from a remote node, transmit DTMF * (successful disconnect will be acknowledged by 4 beeps).
6. Transmission will time out at 3 minutes.

That's if the node is analog. I'm operating it now in digital mode:

1. Tune the radio to 144.970 Mhz.
2. Press the Dx key for at least 2 seconds to enable the radio to find the node.
3. When the radio is connected to the node, either:
a. download the node and room list, or
b. direct entry the remote node or room you want to connect to.
4. To disconnect from the remote node, press the * key for at least 2 seconds.

Here's the information:

Radio: Kenwood TM-271 with a packet cable
Frequency: 144.97 Mhz
Tone: None
Antenna: Metz 2 meter vertical
VOIP gateway: Wires-X
Node number: 11129
Location: Loring Park, Minneapolis